Nine steps to improve your writing and take your customers from ‘so what’ to ‘so where do I sign up?’


Enhance your writing with this nine-step guide.

  • Do your social media posts engage your target audience?
  • Does your website generate sales?
  • Are your blogs eagerly anticipated?

Effective content that stops your potential customers from scrolling past and engages them in your message is vital for business success.

With the advent of AI, you can now get copy written for you at the touch of a button but how do you know if it is going to be suitable for your business, your brand, and your customers?

There is a better way, and that is knowing the basics of what makes good writing.

Suitable for all businesses, and aimed at those who are new to copywriting, this easy-to-read guide will give you an introduction to the basics of writing effective content that will engage your audience.

What’s included:

  • Start with the why. What are you seeking to achieve?
  • How to adapt your writing to achieve different objectives
  • Work out your target audience
  • Discover and develop your own voice
  • How to go beyond features and benefits to engage your customers
  • Learn how to tell a great story
  • Easy ways to change your style to meet the needs of your audience
  • The importance of a clear ‘call to action’
This guide will give you all you need to start writing copy that talks directly to your target audience and have them coming back for more.
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An easy to follow nine-step writing guide, which will transform the way you write. Whatever your business, practise these nine steps and you will create attention-grabbing, conversational copy that resonates with your target audience. You can apply the learning to all forms of writing. Create more engaging social media posts. Give your landing pages a boost. This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to discover the secrets of great copywriting.

1 review for Nine steps to improve your writing and take your customers from ‘so what’ to ‘so where do I sign up?’

  1. JP Writing Services

    “Everyone should get this!
    I have found this writing guide invaluable. It gives clear, easy to follow advice that is appropriate for anyone struggling to write their own marketing copy. It is something I will refer to time and time again.”
    Michele Marshall, MMVA

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