Website content audit


A content audit is a review of your website to see if it is achieving your business objectives.

In this audit, I will look at the content on your home page, and landing pages. If you want a wider audit of your site, please contact me directly to discuss your requirements.

The audit will examine:

  • Navigation
  • Accessibility of content for the target audience
  • Accuracy and relevance – is everything up-to-date and factually correct
  • Tone of voice – looking at whether the content is written in an appropriate style for your intended reader and what image it is giving of your company/brand
  • Calls to action – does each piece of content serve a purpose and give readers a clear call to action
  • Appropriateness – is all your content necessary, are there any gaps in information

I will then prepare a report on my findings along with recommendations for changes and enhancements.

If you have a complex website with multiple authors, ask about my Advanced Content Audit that helps you develop a strategy for conducting a full website audit together with content migration and new content creation.


A website content audit is an independent review of your home and landing pages. It gives you a customer-eye view of your business and lets you know what impression your business is making.

Your website is often the first contact a person will have with your company so it is imperative that it gives them a positive experience. You want them to be able to quickly find the answer to their questions; be able to carry out transactions easily and leave with a desire to return.

Do you know what impression your website is giving? Is it working hard enough to attract your ideal customers? A content audit can identify areas for improvement and give tips for creating more powerful and relevant pages of text.

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