Brand Bible for consistent tone of voice


A bespoke document that sets out how to use the elements that make up your brand.

Written brand guidelines ensure that all visual and written communications are consistent, regardless of who is creating them. This helps to establish a strong, recognisable brand identity that customers can easily identify and connect with.

The Brand Bible will include:

  • Rules for using your logo
  • Specifications for fonts and colours
  • A description of your brand voice
  • Examples of the words to use that reflect your brand’s tone of voice
  • How to apply your voice to different scenarios e.g. website, social media


For any brand to gain followers and ultimately fans, customers need to build familiarity with the look and feel of what you put out from your business. Consistency of brand voice and imagery is key.

Your brand is made up of many elements:

  • Your vision
  • Mission
  • Your values
  • Brand personality
  • Corporate identity e.g. fonts, colours, photography
  • Brand tone of voice
  • Logo and strapline

Everything you write, on your website or social media, needs to sound the same. You need to use the same style, tone, and language. It is through repeatedly seeing your content, that readers and customers begin to recognise your brand.

The best way of achieving this consistency is by having everything written down in a Brand Bible.

Written guidelines benefit the whole company and suppliers

A Brand Bible is a document that spells out exactly how to use each element of your brand. This includes rules for applying your logo to marketing materials, the size of the logo, and the space it needs on the page.

Your guidelines will also describe your brand voice, the vocabulary that you use, and words that you avoid.

Once you have your Brand Bible you can share it with designers, staff, and freelancers who work on your brand.

With clear guidelines in place, designers and marketers don’t have to waste time creating new design elements or messaging from scratch each time they work on a new project. This allows them to focus on creating high-quality content and marketing materials that are aligned with the brand’s overall goals and values.

In the longterm, this saves time and money.

If you use AI to produce content, having a Brand Bible is an ideal way of checking if what has been written, reflects your brand voice. You can then tweak the text accordingly.

Written brand guidelines provide a clear framework for creating and communicating a consistent brand identity, which can help you to establish a strong reputation and connect with your customers more effectively.

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