Feedback on AI-produced Text or Your First Draft


How effective is your copy?

Are you using AI such as ChatGPT to help you avoid a blank page and get a first draft of what you want to say?

Is it hitting the spot or failing to engage?

AI is good but it doesn’t know and understand your brand. It can’t sound like you.

With the Express Evaluation service, I will give you feedback on a piece of writing of your choice (up to a maximum of 800 words). You will receive an analysis of your style, tone, structure, and readability. I will also give you pointers on things to address.

So if you have a blog that you are not sure about or would like to know if the copy you have written for a web page is up to scratch, let me take a look.

I have over 30 years of experience writing for businesses and mentoring others to improve their writing.


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Feedback on AI-produced text from a professional copywriter that will help you turn bland, generic content into engaging copy that sounds like it comes from your brand.

AI-produced text will not be in your brand voice. It will be generic and lack your personality. You also run the risk of plagiarism.

Feedback on your AI-produced text from a professional

If you are not the most confident writer, this service is ideal.

Whether you are using AI such as ChatGPT to write the first draft, or you have managed to get that far yourself, I can edit your words to ensure they are in your brand voice and will engage your audience.

Send me your article of up to 800 words and I will give you a constructive critique of your writing along with tips on where you could make improvements.  After a call to discuss your business and brand, I will suggest changes that you can make, and guide you as to where things don’t sound quite right.

This way you can develop your skills and your brand voice, to give you more confidence for next time.

If you haven’t yet worked out or written down your brand tone of voice, then you may want to consider investing in a Brand Bible.

Of course, if you decide that you would like me to write the piece for you, I can also do that.

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