Marketing Summer School

starts Monday 22 July 2024

Six-week course

Can you find 2 hours per week?

Do you find marketing confusing?

Are you overwhelmed by sales funnels/ leads/social media?

Are you trying to write your website?

Do you struggle with creating products and pricing them?

Have you ever been taught how to market your business?

Once you know the basics, you will never look back.

How it works

Can you find two hours a week to invest in you and your business?

Two hours is the minimum investment to attend the live session and implement the learning.

If you can find more time, the greater the returns will be.

Live mentoring

We will meet online at

10 am each Monday morning when I will introduce the topic for the week.
After giving you an overview of the topic there will be time for Q&A.


You will receive a workbook each week giving you more information on each topic along with practical exercises so you can embed the learning.

Additional resources

You will also have access to other online resources including videos, blogs and templates.

There will also be a Whats'App group to share your wins, ask questions and to keep you accountable.

Implement your learning

Each week, I will help you implement the learning into your business so that you can start to make a difference.

Invest now for your best year yet


If you can find just two hours a week, this course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to see tangible results in your business in the second half of the year.

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What you will learn

For your content to succeed, you must have the basics in place. If you are unsure about your target audience and haven't cracked your message, you waste time putting out endless posts and blogs. Learn the basics and build your business on solid foundations.


Where are you now?

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We'll identify what you already know and where you need help. Most people struggle with marketing because they have never been taught the basics.


Your irresistible offer

We'll work on your products and services to ensure you have the right combination to meet the needs of your target audience.


Your pricing

Are you comfortable with what you are charging? Do you know your true value? Let's ensure you have the right pricing strategy in place.


Your brand

We'll look at how all the elements of your corporate identity, together with your vision and values, make up your brand.


Your message

You need a compelling message before you can start shouting about your business. Once this is in place, your content marketing will follow.


Creating a content marketing plan

We will look at the best way of using content to promote your business and craft a plan to cover the next 30 days. Once you understand the concept you will be able to rinse and repeat.

Visibility. Authenticity. Consistency.

Marketing is the number one topic most business owners struggle with. Whether you have never been taught the basics or you feel overwhelmed by how much there is to do, this course will give you the skills and knowledge to put together a marketing plan that will propel your business forward.

Marketing is not just about creating content for social media. You need to understand your audience, have the right products and pricing strategy, and know how to promote your products and services.

We will cover all the aspects of marketing you need.

Gain clarity and confidence

At the heart of marketing, is your message.

You'll learn how to identify your message and know how to communicate it effectively

to bring you the business you desire.

Develop your elevator pitch

Learn how to write and deliver an attention-grabbing elevator pitch

Write better copy

Get the secrets to writing engaging content

30 day content plan

Leave with a content plan for the next 30 days which you can rinse and repeat.

Meet Joanne


I have spent over thirty years working in marketing communications. I have helped large corporations and new start-ups understand marketing, sell their products and services, build their brand and protect their reputation.

While I specialise in copywriting, I can help you pinpoint your target audience, define your products and services, and master your messaging.

My experience is backed up by a Master's in Marketing and years of helping others demystify the jargon and feel confident promoting themselves and their products and services.

Not sure if this is right for you? If you would like to learn more about me and the summer school, book a call to see if this could help your business thrive.

Ready to have the best year yet?

I know you are busy. The kids will be on holiday, and you are juggling business and family life, but if you can find just two hours per week to learn the basics and how to put theory into practice, you will see a direct benefit in your business.

Do this for you. Invest now and end the year on a high.

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