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Copywriter, mentor, author

Hello. I am Joanne Parker, a communications specialist based near Beverley, in East Yorkshire.

My passion is helping people to promote their business by telling their stories with a powerful marketing message.

Words have the power to excite, inspire, anger, motivate and sell and I believe good communication is the secret to business success and personal happiness.

If we speak or write clearly, we minimise misunderstanding and encourage rapport, trust and long-term relationships—something we need in life and business.

I worked in communications for big brands, the public sector, and private companies for thirty years. Words were at the heart of everything I did, whether promoting flowers, encouraging people to protect the environment, or selling engineering products.

Marketing professional Joanne Parker

About Me

Clarity call witth Joanne Parker

Today, I draw upon this experience to help service-based consultants and therapists gain visibility and promote their businesses. And do this consistently and authentically with powerful copywriting.

As a fellow entrepreneur, I understand the challenges of running a business. You are the expert at what you do, but suddenly you are faced with doing your own marketing and generating those all-important sales.

Help with copywriting

With my done-for-you services, I can take away the headache of all your copywriting and content generating needs. This is ideal if you don’t like writing, don’t have time, or simply wish to focus on other aspects of your business.

Or, I can help you get better at doing your own copywriting and marketing. You can have one to one mentoring to focus on the areas you want to improve. Join my free Facebook Group for daily hints and tips. Sign up for my online course and watch a range of instructional videos on YouTube.

Joanne Parker book

I was born in South Yorkshire and currently live in East Yorkshire with my husband and Lurcher, Simon.

When I am not working, I still love to write. I published my first novel in 2021, and I am currently writing the sequel. Trying my hand at fiction has been great fun. There is still lots to learn!

You can get a copy of ‘A Slice of Bakewell Tart’ on Amazon.