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Copywriting services and mentoring options

There are two ways we can work together. I can do everything for you, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business, or I can help you improve your communication and marketing skills.

Copywriting: the complete done-for-you service

With this option, everything is done for you.

I can write copy for your website, social media accounts, blogs, PR and any other form of marketing. I research your business and your market as well as the competition. I then produce content that meets your business objectives and gets you the results you need.

Skills training and mentoring

If you want to continue to write your own words for your marketing and PR but would like to enhance your skills, I can work with you one-to-one.

We can focus on the specific topics you want to improve, and I can give you feedback on what you create.

Raising your visibility with PR and media relations

From appearing on BBC Watchdog with Anne Robinson to local radio, Channel 5 News to local newspapers, I have had my fair share of media coverage.

If you would like to gain more media coverage and become known as an expert in your industry, I can show you how to approach journalists and tell your story.

copywriting East Yorkshire


I offer three services to help you and your business communicate more effectively.


This is the complete done-for-you service. I can write copy for your website, social media accounts, blogs, PR and any other form of marketing. I research your business, your market, competition and keywords to produce content that meets your business objectives.

Communications consultancy

You may have an internal communications department that requires some additional expertise. You may face a new challenge such as a merger or product launch. Perhaps your reputation is under fire. Whatever the situation, I can help you create the most effective communication strategy to address the issue.

Skills training and coaching

If you or a member of your team need to know more about marketing or want to learn how to be a better copywriter, I can provide training and coaching. This can be 1:1 coaching or group training. You may be looking for a one-off session or ongoing support.

copywriting East Yorkshire
copywriting service East Yorkshire

Write for me

Every piece of writing that leaves your business either enhances or dents your reputation. Which is it? If you lack the skills in-house, let my done-for-you copywriting service ensure your communication is boosting your image and having the desired impact.

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communications consultancy East Yorkshire

Mentor me

One-to-one mentoring to help you gain the confidence, skills and knowledge you need to write, speak and promote your business with ease.

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communications training East Yorkshire

Promote me

If you are looking to raise your profile and gain more media exposure, let me guide you through the world of PR. From pitching your story to handling a media interview, I have you covered.

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