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Copywriting for videos is as important as the visual content.

It is easy to accept the argument that video is the most engaging form of online content. With the rise in popularity of reels, shorts, and TikTok, video has certainly got its place. However, even if you embrace video, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of copywriting to boost your efforts.

If you don’t like writing, you may think creating a video is an easy alternative. However, the truth is that the clarity of the accompanying text will make all the difference. Effective copywriting can complement and enhance video content, providing a powerful narrative, optimising search engine visibility, and driving meaningful actions. Creating video content without paying attention to the accompanying text makes your video hard to find and generates little engagement.

Copywriting for video scripts

Behind every engaging video lies a well-crafted script. Even if you are going ‘live’ on social media, you must know what message you want to convey. As a copywriter, I help shape the story within a video and ensure the key message is effectively communicated. A well-written script captures the audience’s attention, conveys your brand’s story, and drives the desired emotional response. The ability to craft concise, impactful, and persuasive scripts is a skill that can enhance the quality and effectiveness of your video content.

Enhancing storytelling and emotional connections

Video content thrives on powerful storytelling and emotional connections. Copywriters bring their expertise in storytelling to enhance the narrative of video content. By developing compelling story arcs, crafting engaging dialogues, and incorporating persuasive language, copywriters contribute to the emotional impact of video campaigns.

Optimising search engine visibility

Once you have created your video, particularly on YouTube, you must ensure the accompanying text is optimised for search engines. The likes of Google rely on reading the text to form an opinion about the value of your video to the viewer.

By incorporating relevant keywords, writing clear and concise video descriptions, and providing keyword-rich captions and transcripts, copywriters help ensure that video content is discoverable and ranks higher in search engine results. It is this synergy between copywriting and video content that will ultimately impact the success of your video.

Crafting engaging video titles, descriptions, and thumbnails

As well as incorporating keywords to help your video get found by search engines, a copywriter can also help to create video titles and thumbnails.

Having taken the time to create your video, you need to dedicate an equal amount of time to writing the description of the content and including effective calls-to-action (CTAs). A well-written video description provides additional context, highlights key points, and encourages viewers to act. You can also add value by including a timeline of the video’s content. Again, incorporating keywords into your descriptions boosts the chances of your video being found in search results.

Copywriting for video campaign landing pages

Video campaigns often lead viewers to dedicated landing pages for further engagement or conversion. Copywriters are instrumental in crafting compelling and persuasive copy for these landing pages. They ensure that the landing page aligns with the video content, communicates the value proposition effectively, and guides visitors towards taking the desired action, such as purchasing, filling out a form, or subscribing to a newsletter. The interaction between the video content and well-crafted copy on landing pages increases the chances of converting viewers into customers or leads.

If you prefer creating visual content, don’t ignore the importance of copywriting for videos. From crafting compelling scripts and optimising search engine visibility to writing persuasive descriptions, crafting CTAs, and creating landing pages, you need to focus on the words as much as the images if you want your videos to be found, enjoyed, and acted upon.

If you would like to improve your scriptwriting skills or learn more about crafting effective words to accompany your videos, please arrange a complimentary call. 

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