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Repurposing content makes perfect business sense. It saves you time and money and increases the chance of your target audience engaging with your message.

Reusing, recycling, and repurposing are great things to do in many walks of life including marketing our businesses.

While it seems obvious at first glance, I need to remind my clients frequently that not everything they create has to be virgin copy. There is nothing wrong with reusing previously written material or recycling content, and repurposing saves time, money, and effort.

Social media is a hungry beast that has an insatiable appetite. Whilst there is merit in wanting to please our audience with new, valuable content, we should not forget that people need to see a message multiple times before they take it on board. Repetition, therefore, is a positive.

Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself

Given the billions of messages that fill our social media feeds and the endless emails in our inboxes, the chances of our target audience seeing one of our posts or newsletters is slim. Many clients worry about repeating themselves but in reality, it is unlikely that their content will be seen multiple times by the same person, and if it is, that can only be a good thing.

Whilst each social media platform has its nuances, you can easily repost content from Facebook to Instagram and vice versa; or YouTube to TikTok.

Reusing content creates more opportunities to be seen

Reusing content saves time and potentially, allows a larger audience to see your post. If you are nervous about repeating yourself, leave a few months’ gap between using the same content. This only works if the information is evergreen and not time-sensitive of course. Use metrics to see which posts have been well-received and recycle those. That way you are likely to gain more engagement, as you know it is information that your target audience finds useful.

Before you recycle your content, check that all the information is still current, or update first to keep it relevant.

The art of repurposing

When it comes to using your content in different formats, there are endless possibilities. The most obvious ones are:

  • Breaking a blog down into shorter social media posts
  • Using the transcript of a video as a blog
  • Using the audio from a video as a podcast
  • Using a blog as the basis of a video script
  • Turning a longer YouTube video into shorts for YouTube, TikTok, or LinkedIn
  • Using a LinkedIn newsletter for an email newsletter
  • Creating visual content such as infographics from blogs
  • Turning blogs into an ebook

You get the idea.

Whilst it is tempting to try and be everywhere, you will soon find this too time-consuming – unless you have a team of people to help you. Instead, focus on where your primary audience is hanging out and aim to provide the best information that you can. You can also try and spot the gaps where your audience is currently not being served. For example, if there are lots of short articles on your topic, but very few longer blogs, you could be the one to offer more in-depth analysis of key topics.

Reusing, recycling, and repurposing your content saves time and relieves you of the constant need to generate new ideas. More than that, it helps your audience have more opportunities to see your content and engage with you. Repurposing isn’t cheating – it makes perfect business sense.


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