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Adding fresh content to your website is always a good idea.

I usually suggest posting a blog or changing a photograph, but at this time of year, you can also add a touch of festive sparkle. As you can see, I have added a dusting of snow and a few Christmas baubles. Simple yet effective. Of course, you must take them down again once the festive period is over. There is nothing worse than seeing Christmas decorations still hanging around in mid-January. It’s like all the pumpkins left dying on doorsteps in November!

If you need any help adding a touch of Christmas pizzazz, I recommend speaking to Prem Singh Bhuller of Bright Creation Web Design London.

Ringing the changes

Of course, Christmas is not the only time you can add animation or graphic devices to your website. You can change things up at each holiday period or mark notable occasions throughout the year. Just make sure that what you are doing is in keeping with your brand image. Some things that work for retailers don’t always make sense for other businesses. If you strive for a classy look, you will want to avoid making your virtual shop window look like a discount store! However, if your brand image is fun and frivolous, animations and video might be just what your site needs.

Audience appropriate

As with all your marketing and promotion, it is important to keep your messages and corporate identity in keeping with the audience you are seeking to attract. When a potential customer lands on your website, they immediately need to feel comfortable with the experience that greets them. The longer you can keep them there, the better your chances of them fulfilling your desired call to action.

You might want to plan out the year ahead. Make a note of when you are going to add new content to your website and what form it will take. Having a mix of blogs, new web pages, photographs and graphics will help with SEO and customer satisfaction.


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