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Being visible is one of the most important things a business can do.

It is no use being the best-kept secret in town.

If your customers can’t see you, they can’t buy from you.

As an entrepreneur, you know this, but if you identify as more of an introvert like me, stepping into the limelight can take some doing. However, it has to be done.

Whilst shouting about how good you are might not come as easy to an introvert as it will to your more extroverted friends and colleagues, there are ways to use your personality traits to maximum effect.

We all need to build a brand for ourselves and our businesses. Being an introvert is no excuse. You have to find the right path for yourself.

Find your stage

You will never see me dancing on a TikTok or Instagram reel!

However, you could see me on television, hear me on the radio or see me speaking from a stage in front of an audience. Whilst some people shrivel at the thought of public speaking, I have come to enjoy it. I am more nervous about going live on Facebook than I am presenting to a roomful of people.

The answer is, to find where you are comfortable and stay away from the rest. If you enjoy making videos, do that. If you don’t mind being heard, but not seen, opt for podcasts.

Many introverts enjoy writing and often prefer longform content, rather than writing short Twitter posts.

Use your skills to maximum effect. If you like writing, make the most of blogs and articles to spread your knowledge and build your brand.

Set boundaries to protect your energy

Constantly engaging on social media can be exhausting. If you feel drained after responding to comments on your posts, or after creating lots of content, take breaks away from your screen. You may also find it useful to batch your content. For example, you might set aside an hour one day a week to write a batch of social media posts or blogs. Then you know it is done for the week. I find watching reels tiring. I know they are very popular and perhaps, something I should be doing but I also know that I can create a huge amount of written content in the time it would take me to produce a couple of reels.

Know your limits and set your own boundaries.

Be intentional about your networking

Since networking moved online, I have become a fan. I used to hate walking into a crowded room but turning up on Zoom has taken away that anxiety for me.

Some introverts find networking one of the hardest things to do but there are ways around it. Nowadays you can find online events to suit all preferences. There are sessions where only four people network at one time, special meetings just for introverts, and a huge array of different formats. When you go networking, go with a specific intention in mind. Don’t go to sell. Instead, go with the purpose of making contacts with whom you can set up a further conversation. Having one-to-one meetings is where the magic happens.

Don’t hide your light under that bushel

You have important things to say to your audience, and people who you can help. You are doing the world a disservice if you do not share all that you have and all that you can do. We all need to build a brand so that our customers know about us, and we standout from the competition.

Even if you feel like hiding, it is vital to find ways to get your message out and to be heard. Play to your strengths. Many introverts are great listeners. Use this to your advantage to soak up knowledge and share it in interesting and valuable ways for your audience. Talk to your ideal clients as though you were having a conversation with a friend. Choose the platforms you enjoy, and avoid the rest.

Batch your content. Perhaps even consider outsourcing tasks that sap you energy, so you can focus on the bits you enjoy.

Practise. Whether it is going networking or going live on Facebook, have a go, get support and encouragement from friends and keep practising. One day it will be as comfortable as saying your name.

Further information

We all sit somewhere on the spectrum from introvert to extrovert and you will usually exhibit different traits in different scenarios. Just because you identify as an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t be the life and soul of the party or give a TEDx talk. I wrote about the labels we give ourselves in a previous blog where I also mention the personality test Myers Briggs. If you are interested in finding out more about this, my colleague Chris Colcomb of TalkingWorks can help.

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